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Shopping in Kunming

Shopping in KunmingYunnan has one of  the most complicated ethnic and religious situations in all of China's provinces. 

The interaction and collision of different cultures, religions and lifestyles gives visitors to this beautiful and colorful province lots to see, and to buy! Kunming, as the cultural and economic center of Yunnan, is an ideal place to dig up some great souvenirs of your trip to Yunnan!

Shopping in KunmingWhile jade and marble arts and crafts items are plentiful, there are plenty of items that are even more special and unique to Yunnan. Among the top choices of Kunming specialties to decorate your living room are bronzeware, Dai brocade and wax dyed cloth all of which epitomize Yunnan ethnic style. Yunnan is also famous for its tobacco.

The city boasts a lot of famous shops and markets, many of them are really worth visiting for being mirrors of the local life. The Flower and Bird Market, The Yunnan Antique City, the Nanyao Market, the Golden Horse and Phoenix Memorial Archway Jewelry Market and the  Flower Street are all worth a look.

Shopping in KunmingThere are some good, big department stores here, since Kunming is the biggest city in the Province, these shops are an ideal place to stock up on supplies for your excursions throughout Yunnan.

The biggest department stores in Kunming are the Southwestern Commercial Building, the Qiancun Department Store and the Kunming Department Store.



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