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Kunming Brief Introduction

Kunming Brief IntroductionKunming, as the capital city of Yunnan, serves as the center of the province in terms of  politics, economics and culture. Although a huge city (population 3.75 million), Kunming is exceptionally clean and tidy. What's more, the city has the best climate of  all Chinese cities, popularly  known as the "Spring City". Kunming does not have severe winters or hot summers and the natural features of the four seasons are clearly defined.

Although the city is not the final destination for many travelers to Yunnan, Kunming has a lot to offer visitors. The  rich  cultural and historical heritage here offer a wealth of treasures. The Golden Temple Park and the Bamboo Temple are essential stops on the tourist route.

The city also boasts numerous natural attractions, the Stone Forest being the most popular, winning world fame for of its breathtaking beauty.

Spring CityAnother fascinating aspect of the city are the many different cultures and nationalities thriving here. Various cultural and religious activities are practiced by the people here and add to the vibrancy and color of Kunming city life. These different minority groups produce a wealth of cuisine and entertainment- inspirational to the weary China traveler.

As early as 2000 years ago, Kunming served as a major textile distribution center on the "Southern Silk Road" which started from Sichuan, traversed through Yunnan and continued on to Vietnam. In 1910, the Dianyue railway (from Yunnan to Vietnam) was opened, thus enabling Kunming to develop as a business and industrial center.

Tourism is now one of the major incomes here. The recent 1999 Kunming International Horticulture Exposition gave the city a major face lift, making it an even more attractive spot to be based for travel in Yunnan.



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