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Local Feature of Kunming

1999 International Horticulture Exposition

1999 International Horticulture ExpositionThe International Horticulture Exposition 1999 held in Kunming was a  large-scale exposition with the theme of "Humanity and Nature--Advancing Towards the 21st Century". The theme centered around horticulture and how plants and flowers help to make the environment more enjoyable.

The Exposition focused mainly on exhibiting plants and flowers. There were displays covering the various traditional horticultural and gardening arts and styles of various nations, the achievements of international environmental protection, the history of horticulture and the role of horticulture in the development of society.

The fair also provided a good opportunity for related trade talks and negotiations. Today, The Expo Garden is well preserved and remains a major tourist attraction illustrating China's and Kunming's stature in international horticultural circles.

Spring CitySpring City

Kunming is known as the "Spring City" of China for its wonderful climate. With a high altitude plateau topography, the city has no severe cold weather during winter nor intense heat during summer. The average temperature is 23 degrees C. in summer, 9 degrees C. in winter and 15 degrees C. annual average. The area also gets plentiful rainfall which is the added touch to make Kunming green and lush all year round.



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