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Sight-seeing In Guangzhou

Name Location Tel.
Scenic Spots over the Pearl River --- ---
Haizhu Square North of Haizhu Bridge ---
Guangzhou Ocean World Within Guangzhou Zoo, 120 Xianlie Zhong Road 87611250, 87611884
Shamian Scenic Spot Shamian Island, North of White Goose Pool ---
Huangpu Military Academy Changzhou Island, Huangpu 82201082
Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall 259, Dongfeng Zhong Road 83552030
Tianhe Sports Center Tianhe Road ---
Guangzhou Grand World Scenic Park Dongpu, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 82308888 8989, 8096
Space Flight Spectacle Daguan Road, Dongpu, Tianhe 82306028
Yuexiu Hill North of the city proper ---
Baiyun Mountain Baiyunshan Nan Road, Guangzhou 87714736
Huangcun Equestrian Club   Dongpu Town, Tianhe District   ---
Shaojiwo   Shaojiwo Village, South of Baiyun Distirct   ---
Sunlight Reflection at Shimen   Shijing Town, Northwest of the city proper ---
Luogang   Luogang Town, Baiyun District ---
Wangzi Mountain Forest Park   Xinhua Town, Huadu City   ---
Lingnan Country Orchard at Xinjiao   Xinjiao Town, Haizhu District   ---
Red Peach Park at Shima   Shima Village, Xinshi Town, Baiyun District   ---
Dansuikeng Scenic Spot   Nangang Town, Huangpu   81137173, 82230481
Guangzhou Jockey Club   668, Huangpu Avenue West   87539822
Tianhe Square Tianhe, Guangzhou   ---
CITIC Plaza Tianhe Bei Road   ---
Xiguan Ancient Mansions Xiguan, Liwan District ---

12) Huangcun Equestrian Club

Also called Huangcun Jockey Club, it stands in Dongpu Town, Tianhe District, adjacent to Guangzhou Grand World Scenic Park and Tianhe Space Flight Spectacle, only 15 minutes’ drive from Shipai, Tianhe. Huangcun Equestrian Club was built on the base of the former Huangcun Airfield.

Starting from the preparation stage, it has hosted many horseracing games and horsemanship competitions, together with Guangdong Equestrian Association. Of all these events, China Horse King Guangdong Invitational Tournament has been the largest special horseracing competition in mainland China since liberation. The club enjoys superb environment and field of vision, with grassland-like scenery, quite suitable for vacation and leisure.

The club owns the largest standard horseracing course so far in mainland China, wherein there are oval tracks with 20 meters wide and the perimeter of 1.1 km, plus the bleachers that can hold 5,000 spectators. Nearly 100 famous horses are kept in the club. In addition, there are three sand circles for horse taming around the club, together with four shooting ranges of international standard, one archery range, one swimming pool, two model airplane fields. Here also available are accommodation, transportation and other services.

Bus: 23, 39, 43, 53

13) Shaojiwo

Situated in the south of Baiyun District and the northern side of Guang(zhou) - Shan(tou) Motorway, it got its name because of its location by the south of Shaojiwo Village. Shaojiwo was built up in 1958, with a big earth dam measuring 280 meters in length and 52 meters in height, being a multipurpose reservoir for flood-prevention, irrigation, aquatics-breeding and tourism.

The reservoir has a rain-gathering area of 6.2 sq. meters, with a capacity of 252 cubic meters, providing 4 million sq. meters of farmland with irrigation. The reservoir forms with the Phoenix Hill, Guanyin Hill and Xikeng Tea Garden on both sides an ideal tourist place and summer resort in Guangzhou suburbs. Here besides numbers of green hills, there are various entertainment and service facilities such as villas, restaurants, pleasure-boats and the like. It is really a nice place to go for boating, swimming, barbecue and fishing. 

14) Sunlight Reflection at Shimen 

Located in Shijing Town, the confluence of Xiaobei River and Liuxi River, 15 km northwest to Guangzhou proper, it was one of the Eight Sights of Guangzhou in Song and Yuan Dynasties. Xiaobei River is where Xijiang River (West River) and Beijing River(North River) join together, water volume being huge and current velocity being rapid.

It has to pass through rocky ridges that run southwestward and gets narrowed, and there are numerous mountains facing each other on both banks of the river at Shimen, the cliff rocks being just like gates. Whenever the sun rises and sets, the whole sky of colorful clouds, together with the colored water of the river, forms a wonderful spectacle, thus people call it ‘Sunlight Reflection at Shimen. Now, Shimen has become a key tourist attraction in Guangzhou.

Bus: 212, 254, 556

15) Luogang

Located in Luogang Town, Baiyun District, it is well-known for its historical relics and plum forest. With piles of mountains and ridges stretching for several-tens of li within the area, it boasts beautiful scenery, with flowers and fruits all over the park, being a renowned tourist attraction in Guangzhou suburbs. It was already known as Little Luofu Mountain in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

There are such historical relics as Yuyan Classical Learning Academy, built in the Northern Song period, and Luofeng Temple, Tomb of Zhong Yuyan, the Thousand-year-old Litchi Tree, Ancient Pavilion, Cuishi Rock, Wenchang Temple, Jinhua Temple, Wanghai Pavilion, etc. Collection includes inscriptions and carved scripts of celebrities since the Song Dynasty , major ones being Songru and Zhuxi’s inscriptions of ‘Loyalty, Filial Obedience, Honesty and Chastity’, the wood carvings of the four famous jueju-style poems allegedly composed by Wen Tianxiang, the national hero, and bamboo carving version of the Four Seasons, the famous painting of Zheng Bangqiao in the Qing Dynasty, etc.

The most prestigious attraction in Luogang Scenic Spot is the ‘Fragrant Snow at Luogang’, one of the Eight Sights of Guangzhou selected in 1963. When the season of deep winter comes, the plum blossoms look like snow, the scene being so pleasant that visitors come in endless numbers. 

Luofeng Temple was selected in August 1983 as a key protected relic of the city. 

16) Wangzi Mountain Forest Park (Mt. Prince Forest Park) 

It lies about 26 km north to Xinhua Town, Huadu City and 10 km northwest of Timian Town. Legend goes that whoever was able to find the cave in the mountain would have a prince out of his/her future generations, thus the mountain was named. Wangzi Mountain is lofty and full of green trees, 516 meters above sea level. It measures 1,000 meters in length from south to north, and around 800 meters in width from east to west, with an area of 0.2 sq. meter. The mountain is of plate structure, with steep slope, deep and thick weathered rock stratum that developed to crimson soil. 

Hunting, camping, adventuring can be conducted in Wangzi Mountain Forest Park, which is encircled by mountains, with fragrant litchi fruits and picturesque landscape. Now it has been linked up by land and waterway with Furongzhang Holiday Resort, being a key project under the tourism development plan of Huadu City. It is going to be built into a large-scale entertainment complex of 60 sq. meters, integrating tourism and vacationing. 

17) Lingnan Country Orchard at Xinjiao

It is located in the natural villages of Dongfeng, Dongchong, Longtan and Tuhua under the jurisdiction of Xinjiao Town in Haizhu District, enclosed by water and crisscrossed by waterways, well-known for its style of the regions of rivers in Lingnan and as a place for, appreciating and tasting the good fruits of Lingnan. Various kinds of fruits are planted in large areas, such as star-fruit, pomegranate, banana, papaya, orange, litchi, longan, huangpi and so on, with good quality and can be harvested in every season. 

There are numerous stone arch bridges and roadway in the village, and many of the civilian houses were built in the Ming Dynasty, plus such clan temples as Baizong Temple, Huangzong Temple and Hezong Temple, which were built in the Qing Dynasty. All these buildings are decorated with exquisite wood carvings, stone carvings and brick carvings. Thanks to the touch of poems and paintings in its scenery as ‘a small bridge, running water, and households’, it has been developed to be an ‘Entertainment Park of Good Fruits in Guangzhou’. 

18) Red Peach Scenic Spot at Shima 

It is located in Shima Village, Xinshi Town, west of Baiyun District and southeastern side of the junction of Guang(zhou)-Hua(du) motorway and Liuxi River. Plantation of red peach at Shima has a history of over 700 years, as the peach tree is both a fruit tree and a ornamental plant. The peach trees here are in full blossom all over in spring March, delicate and charming. 

The red peach of Shima is tasty, refreshing and sweet. The fruits get ripe by the middle of May. Shima is not only a renowned scenic spot, but also an important production base of red peach, just as what is called ‘ Go to admire the peach scene at Shima in spring and taste the fresh peach in summer’. 

19) Danshuikeng Scenic Spot

As a new attraction in Guangzhou, Danshuikeng Scenic Spot is situated in Nangang Town, Huangpu District, Guangzhou City. It enjoys favorable geographical location, as such important newly-developed projects as Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development District, Guangzhou Huangpu Development Zone, Guangzhou Bonded Zone, Huangpu New Port are located in the area of Nangang Town.

The scenic spot is 20-odd km away in Guangzhou’s eastern suburbs, with convenient transportation. Since ancient times, the Buddha Trace Ridge, the Buddha Trace Cave, Eight Attractions in Danshui, the Bronze Drum and Sounding Rock, the Temple of General Yang Si, etc. have been religious, cultural and tourist attractions, with visitors coming endlessly all over the year, well-known home and abroad. 

The spot covers an area of 1,200 mu, with elegant natural scenery, strong fairy atmosphere, magnificent lie of the mountains, towering trees, masses of old litchi trees, grotesque stones and caves, murmuring streams, wild flowers that are often in bloom. The Temple of General Yang Si has been selected as a protected relic of the Cultural Bureau of Guangzhou. It is really a good place for development and promoting tourism. Six functional areas have been drafted: the Tonggu Hill, Leisure and Vacation, Danshui Lake, Sports Center, Business and Service, and Entertainment. The human area of the Temple of General Yang Si within the Tonggu HillI Natural Reserve was repaired in October 1995 and open to the public. 

Danshuikeng Scenic Spot is to be developed into a key attraction of Guangzhou’ s tourism, working in concert with Huangpu Military Academy, the Divine Temple of South Sea (Boluo Temple), integrating sightseeing, sports and entertainment, conventions, leisure and vocations.

Address: Danshuikeng Scenic Spot,Nandan,Huangpu(510760)
Tel: 81137173 82230481
Fax: 82230481
Open Time: 8: 00Am to 18: 00Pm
Bus: 210, 227, 292

20) Guangzhou Jockey Club

Guangzhou Jockey Club is an organization of charity, mass, sports and entertainment under the direct leadership of Guangzhou Municipal Government. Since its founding in 1993, it has adhered to its philosophy of ‘ From the people, to the people’, and donated altogether 200 million yuan to The Social Elderly Foundation, sports meets for the disabled, education in the mountainous areas all over the country and people from the disaster-stricken areas .

Guangzhou Jockey Club is located on No. 668, Huangpu Avenue West, Guangzhou City, adjacent on Yuancun in the east, and Jiazi Village in the west, close by Zhujiang New City in the south and facing Jinan University in the north, with Huangpu Avenue and Huanan Speedway passing nearby. 

Guangzhou Jockey Club was designed and built according to international standard, the first large-scale modern horse racing course in mainland China, covering an area of nearly 500 mu. The sandy tracks measure 1,482 meters in length and 32 meters in width, whereas the grass tracks are 1,695 meters long and 32 meters wide. In addition, there is one track for ambulance and training respectively. The course embraces bleachers for over 30,000 spectators and 6,000 VIP seats, with two large electronic scoreboards and finish video cameras.

There are 100 CCTV sets and 500 windows for electronic ticketing and dividend collecting in the hall of every level. Speed race takes place every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, with live broadcast by TV and radio stations. Racing proceeds with several races, ten horses in each race and numbered from 0 to 9. The racing distance ranges from 1,000 meters to 1,300 meters and only the first three are selected. At the meantime of horse racing, IQ games on horse racing with knowledge and interest take place within the course, wherein winners are rewarded. 

Also set up in the club is a sports club, where many elegant and light items of sports and entertainment can progress in spacious venues, together with tennis courts, a golf course, archery, long-distance running and supporting facilities like beauty salon, restaurant, meeting room, exhibition gallery, health clinic, etc. It covers an area of 120 mu, of which over 65% are planted with grass, flowers and trees. Here the environment is so pleasant, with plenty green grass, a beautiful lake and a wide field of vision, just like countryside in a metropolitan city.

It enjoys exceptional advantages, i.e. green environment + fresh air + beautiful sunshine + leisure sports + health and vitality. There is also a Horse Riding Club in the club, which is a training base for equestrian sports in the country. There are also stables and places for equestrian training and performance, where visitors are given high-skilled performance of equestrian sports and provided with horse-trainers to teach riding, thus visitors can feel in person the interest of horse-riding. 

As a large enterprise with multiple functions and the orientation of group development, plus the present world-standard tennis courts, golf training course, archery club and national training base for equestrian sports, the course has made up a large-scale entertainment city.

Address: 668,Huanpu Av.,W.
Tel: 87539822 87539316 
Bus: 23, 39, 43, 53, 177, 261, 243, 284, 292, 517, 540, 541, 542, 547, 548, 550, 813

21) Tianhe Square

Tianhe is a new urban district in Guangzhou. Since the setup of Tianhe Sports Center over a decade ago, Tianhe Square has been officially opened to the public and many magnificent buildings around have sprung up rapidly. Teem Plaza is a large shopping center newly built in the 90’s. The last ten-odd years have witnessed several dozens of high buildings set up here, including China Mayors Tower, National Defense Tower, Tianhe Building, and Tianhe Hotel, Tianhe Guest-House, Far East Building, Tianhe Shopping Mall, The Presidential Hotel, Overseas Chinese and Friendship Building, Guangdong Foreign Trade Building, Teem Nanfang Plaza, Tianhe Shopping Center, Guangzhou (Tianhe) Restaurant, Tianlong Hotel, Harbin Building, Xinjiang Building, Jingxing Hotel and what not, all of which resembling many stars of the sky glowing in the Milky Way (Tianhe).

22) CITIC Plaza at Tianhe

Located in Tianhe Road North, the busy commercial and financial street, CITIC Plaza is composed of one 80-storeyed main tower, flanked by two subordinating buildings of 38 stories, together with a 5-storeyed apron building, covering a total land area of 23,000 sq. meters. It measures 391 meters high, crowning Guangzhou again with the highest building of the ‘90s in the country, just following the 63-storeyed GITIC Plaza in Guangzho.

The GITIC Plaza faces Tianhe Sports Center, with Linhe Road West on the left and Linhe Road East on the right, and Guangzhou East Station and Guangzhou Metro Terminus at the back, plus the splendid China Mayors Tower to the left. Nearby are many restaurants and commercial buildings, including Teem Plaza, Guangzhou Books Center, three large computer centers and several institutions of higher learning. 

The subordinating towers are used as offices and apartments, with unit area up to 100 to 200 sq. meters. And the CITIC shopping center is magnificent, with the gorgeous lobby up to 21.3 meters high, decorated with round glass ceiling, much to its grandeur and spaciousness. The 4-storeyed CITIC shopping mall covers a shop area of 34,000 sq. meters, divided by glass with skillful integration, where name brands, e.g. garments and hand ornaments, etc., from home and abroad are sold. Donghai Seafood Restaurant on the third floor is open from morning to midnight. The fifth floor is the club for the rich and powerful, covering an area of 4,500 sq. meters, with complete facilities including those for sports and entertainment, children’s playground and swimming pool .

Bus: 41, 45, 60, 62, 63

23) Ancient Grand Mansions of Xiguan

The so-called Xiguan refers in general by past Guangzhou people to the area in Liwan District ranging from Xicun in the north and the Pearl River in the south, to Renmin Road in the east and Xiaobei River in the west, which also generally meant the area beyond the west city gate to Guangzhou in the Ming and Qing periods. Xiguan was divided into Upper Xiguan and Lower Xiguan, the former being on the higher terrain whereas the latter on the lower terrain. Set up in the Ming Dynasty was Shibafu Road and the street of 13 Hong.

Residential streets such as Baohua, Pengyuan and Duobao were established during the middle and later stages of the Qing Dynasty, thus such buildings typical in Guangzhou as Xiguan Dawu (grand mansions) and bamboo-shaped houses came into being. As such buildings are much more in Xiguan, so they are called ‘ancient grand mansions at Xiguan’.

The number of ancient grand mansions of Xiguan has dropped from over 800 in its prime in the period between the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China to the present 100, of which only about 10 mansions are worth preservation, such as the one on No. 15, Shisanfuzheng Street.

24) Guangzhou Grand World Scenic Park

Located in Guangzhou's suburban Dongpu, Tianhe, Guangzhou Grand World Scenic Park covers an area of 480,000 sq. meters, with investment totaling 567 million yuan. As one of the Top Ten Scenic Spots in Guangzhou, it is praised as the Moon Project of Guangzhou's tourism.

The Grand World Scenic Park has gathered together the world's wonderful views of the nature, sculptures and architectures, horticulture, and national traditions and customs, entertainment performances, vividly reproducing the cultural and artistic highlights of the five continents. It is a large-scale comprehensive attraction that mixes together appreciation, stimulation and participation, its exclusive feature lying in the fact that real scenes are made real, thus much to its uniqueness and fascination.

The park is divided into six theaters, four entertainment areas and several horticultural spots, together with the Arabian Market, Italian Street, Mexican Market and American Street, etc. that integrate the functions of entertainment, dinning and shopping.

The landform spectacles of over 26 countries around the world such as the cactus community of South America, the arch bridge at the Yellowstone National Park in the US, the Mescal beach are magnificent and gorgeous. The man-made giant Asian banyan tree on the lake shore covers an area of 2,300 sq. meters, probably the largest in the world. 

In the Times Square, the Opera House in Paris, the Ancient Greek Theater, the Arab Theater, the English Theater and the Japanese Theater, artists from all over the world give terrific artistic performances once and again. The fantastic and moving stories, excellent and skilled dances and dazzling lighting are so magnificent that they are acclaimed as the acme of perfection. Performances and entertainment programs last up to 13 hours every day, with old programs replaced by the new ones frequently. 

When the night falls and lights are on, the curtain is lifted for the performance of Titanic, a new version, large-scale and panoramic dance drama. The superb dances, splendid costumes, the bold and unconstrained story, and the special effects of fireworks and rains altogether create an atmosphere full of arts, which shakes the visitors' soul and gives them aesthetic treatment. The drama boasts a strong lineup and a grand spectacle. 

At the same time, specially introduced are the two terrific, exciting and romantic performances, the 'Carnival Tonight - Glamour of Broadway in the US' and 'The West Stories ', which display the variety of the US culture and arts from different perspectives, taking you into the splendid dancing world, the Broadway tradition and the old times of gold rush and trailblazing in the west of the US.

Entertainment items are novel and peculiar, full of interest, thus attracting tourists to participate. The comprehensive amusement park embraces the most advanced either home or abroad mini go-cars, remote-controlled cars, program-controlled trains, kids fantasy mix and space amusement planes that are very popular in the US. Many water activities as well as swimming at the Hawaii beach are in progress like wildfire. One would feel carefree and joyous when rowing a boat in the lake system that goes through the whole park. Available to visitors on the main pictorial ring road along the green lake are the British loyal classical carriages, sightseeing trains, battery carts. 

Large-scale musical fountain and hi-tech simulated motion movies, laser water screen films would let visitors feel the happiness and magic brought about by modern high technology, much to people's admiration. 

In the Grand World Scenic Park visitors can have a taste of snacks and delicacies with special country flavor all over the world. In addition, there are various handicrafts and souvenirs to be selected and purchased by tourists. 1: 1 beautiful scenes offer you a truer and bigger view of the world.

Address: Dongpu, Tianhe Dist., Guanfzhou (510660)
Tel: 020-82308888 Ext 8989, 8096 
Fax: 82307055
Open Time: 9: 30Am to 8: 30Pm
Bus: 224, 548, 549

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